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Elctronic Ignition Installation

Here at the The Zephyr Guy we are passionate about getting old classics back on the road where they belong. With many successful electronic ignition installations, you have come to the right place if you are in search of some expert advice!


Our Projects

Mobile fitment done to this stunning machine. Full Accuspark installation with carb adjustment done. With improved power output she is ready to hit the road with confidence.


It’s not every day that we get to work on something as special as this. 60’s Porsche 356 speedster replica in for some much deserved Accuspark ignition upgrades.

electronic ignition installation
Willys Jeep

With the first turn of the key the Willys sprung back to life with a huff and a couple of puffs. Some fine tuning on the ignition timing and carb managed to get her settled and purring like a kitten once again.


The work on the Willys included a much needed service, complete carburetor teardown and rebuild, distributor teardown and rebuild with a full Accuspark ignition setup, among other small tasks.

MG Midget

This little MG Midget in for some much needed Accuspark ignition TLC today. And what a beauty she is! After her fitment she was firing all cylinders once again.


Our Accuspark fitment included our 25% Uprated Sports Ignition Coil and our beautiful Red Ignition Leads, made custom through lengths provided by the client.

After the fitment, she experienced not only a smoother ride but improved fuel efficiency and overall reliability.

MG Midget

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